Let’s Get Back to Basyx: Better Furniture, Better Work

Let’s Get Back to Basyx: Better Furniture, Better Work

What do you think of when “furniture shopping” for your small business or home office?

If you’re like most people, it can be any combination of: time-consuming, expensive and confusing. But at the end of the day, you know all of those things are a necessary evil.

We felt the same way, and that’s why we sought to change it.

As an office furniture provider backed by 60 years of experience helping customers in businesses both big and small, we’re used to a certain way of doing things. And sometimes, change is both good and essential.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working on new, quicker ways for you and your employees to get what you need. That’s what’s so important right now; you’re not set up for success at home or in a new-look office space if you’re using furniture that isn’t comfortable or supportive.

We developed HON Basyx for those reasons: to expedite the accessibility of high-quality, durable furniture that helps you do great work, no matter where you’re working from.

Getting Back to Basyx

Not a furniture expert? No problem.

HON Basyx is designed with the new era of work in mind, inspired by four key principles (which we’ll get to in a moment) that make the buying process easier than ever.

You can buy a couch online and have it delivered in days, so why not an office chair or desk? You’re probably spending more time in the office chair than on the couch, anyway. (Well, maybe.)

When your current furniture needs an upgrade—especially if you’re working at home or your small business is growing—it’s best to have a solution that is easy to order and even easier to assemble.

Long-Lasting, Need-Filling Furniture Solutions

It’s time to take the chair seriously.

The right chair—and by that, we mean the right fit and style—is perhaps the most important piece of your office hierarchy. The majority of your work day is spent sitting in the chair. It shapes your day, for good or bad. [LINK TO CHAIR/MYTH BUSTING ARTICLE]

Many of us have been working with suboptimal chairs. We’re looking at you, kitchen chair and barstool sitters. It’s time to upgrade your chair and your office setup with HON Basyx.

Design That Makes a Difference

With a deep, extensive knowledge of the furniture industry comes an understanding of how important design is. And when we say “design,” it’s not just about how a chair or desk looks. It’s about the details.

Ergonomic design is a key component of HON Basyx products. Proper lumbar support, comfort for long periods of sitting and healthy posture are among the benefits of Basyx—in addition to modern, sleek looks.

For example, Basyx desks and tables feature height-adjustability, enabling you to work in a comfortable, supported position throughout the day.

Setting You Up for Success, the Right Way

One of our goals with HON Basyx is to provide a holistic solution, for anyone working at home or in the office.

That means a comprehensive suite of products: ergonomic and durable chairs, adjustable desks and work surfaces and modern mobile storage. Other providers offer similar solutions, but the timeline doesn’t meet the immediacy of the moment.

The Simplest, Most Sensible Buying Process

This should be easy, right? Find what you need from a trusted provider, place an order and have it fulfilled. With HON Basyx, you get all of that and more.

Basyx is commercial-grade furniture at an affordable price, which you’ll see when you shop our online selection. Once you place an order, shipping is fast and convenient. Most orders arrive in about a week.

All products come with a 5-year warranty and are easy to assemble; you won’t need to spend an entire day putting everything together (most products come with the required tools, as well).

If you have questions, our customer support is based in the United States and available when you need help. You’ll hear from someone that understands your situation.

HON Basyx is built for great work, and it’s built to make getting quality products easier than it’s ever been. Click the link below and let’s get your small business and/or home office ready for great work.

Commercial Grade

Commercial Grade

We think your office furniture should be able to stand up to your hard work.


Free Same Day Shipping

Orders ship within 24 hours of receipt, because we know you need to get to work.


5 Year Warranty

We know you have better things to focus on; kick back and relax, we have you covered.

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